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Today’s Dentistry


Team Communication

Simplify Your Forms

With a single, universal health history form, patients only have to fill out one form, one time. Your patients have less paperwork and your team gets all the information that they need!

Everything in One Place

Secured communication is simplified by keeping images, emails, and treatment notes all in one, secure, online location.

Your Team, Your Treatment

Your patients can see every member of their treatment team so that they know what part each provider plays in their treatment.

Treatment Planning Tools

Get the Big Picture

Interactive, realistic graphics simplify the treatment planning process.

The Whole Plan At Your Fingertips

Posted treatment summaries show what every provider is planning for each tooth per case so that everyone knows the plan for your patient.

Help Patients Say “Yes!”

Our Case Presentation Document gives your patients a single document that presents the entire treatment plan including each provider’s individual plan, time, and fees.

Implant Ordering

Your Practice, Your Preferences

Customize your implant component profile by selecting your favorites.

Smooth and Simple

Make your implant component selections quickly while you are planning each patient’s treatment.

Order Instantly

Custom implant order forms generate orders immediately during treatment planning.

Centergistix Patients

Stay One Step Ahead

The simplified patient login lets patients sign in, view their treatment plan, and see upcoming appointments so that they always know their next step.

Educate at Home

Informative implant videos save you in office time and help your patients know what to expect

Save Time, the Next Time

With our Implant Treatment Archive, a permanent record of implant components is always available for future reference, for both patients and providers.

Practice Development

A Personal Touch

Personalize your Centergistix website with your own office logo, photos, and bio.

Increase Referrals

Centergistix encourages patients to easily refer their family and friends in order to help you grow your practice.

Improve Your Profitability

Streamline your communication, shorten your treatment times, reduce errors, and improve your results with Centergistix.

Pricing Enjoy Centergistix for less than 1/2 the cost of one implant per year!

*5% discount if paid annually ($90 savings)
  • Includes access for One Provider
  • Unlimited Admin/Staff level users per Provider
  • Unlimited Cases
  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Unlimted Case Notes
  • Unlimited Image and File Storage
  • Unlimited Treatment Planning
  • Unlimited Implant Component Orders
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Your account also includes:
Share cases with other providers Give patients a record of implant components Reduce treatment times
Spend less time on the phone Keep everything about implants in one place Makes scheduling easy
Always know the next step Educate your patients about implants Simplify implant orders
Ask patients for referrals Transfer case notes to permanent record Build stronger implant teams


What is Centergistix?

Centergistix is the ultimate, secure website for efficiently managing dental implant procedures between dental surgeons, general dentists, dental labs and your patients.

Who uses Centergistix?

Restorative dentists, surgeons, and dental laboratories use Centergistix. Patients can also log on to a Centergistix site for information. We believe by sharing the right information, we can develop better understanding, simplify communication, clarify choices, and minimize treatment times.

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple. Create an account that will give you a month’s membership for free! Instantly, you may immediately begin to enter your implant cases, invite colleagues, labs, implant manufacturers, and most importantly, invite your patients to join your Centergistix team.

How do I get training?

Centergistix is intuitive, but if you have questions, here’s how to get help: Pop-up guides or the Help section is there for you throughout Centergistix. You may also, email us at

Can I use Centergistix for other procedures besides implants?

Yes. Centergistix enables you to create a paperless file of case notes, attachments, and images. You may create treatment plans and sequence your cases with fees and time estimates in a matter of minutes. A streamlined case presentation document is available that will assist your patients with all the facts they need to say, yes!

Does Centergistix place and fulfill dental implant orders?

Yes. Orders must still be placed by the provider with the manufacturer, but Centergistix allows you to easily and effectively create orders for implant components while you create your treatment plan. Generating order forms this way saves you valuable time and minimizes mistakes. Inventory control is just another way to save you money! Your manufacturer representative may be contacted by email, fax, or phone. The orders are kept in archive for providers and patients to view at any time for reference.

How do I add manufacturer product lines to Centergistix?

You may enter your favorite leading implant manufacture within Settings.
Go to your dashboard > settings > implant components
In IMPLANT COMPONENTS, you easily customize all the implant components and tools you need. You can add or remove items at any time.

Do I download the software?

No. There’s no need to download software. Centergistix is a web-based application. You can use Centergistix anywhere you have an Internet connection with a web browser, such as Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

Can I add a case at any time?

Yes. At any time you can add a new case! Add a new Centergistix team member with case notes, images, and implant component orders.

Do I need to buy a new computer and software?

No. Centergistix applications are accessed via the Internet. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser, such as Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. You do not need to download any special software to your computer. (Note: you may need to upgrade your browser to a more recent version.)

How do you add new features and updates?

There’s no need to wait for software to arrive and install. All new releases and updates are automatically completed by Centergistix. Just log in and you will see the new features.

Can other users see my data?

Other users will see data only on cases that you choose to share with them. They will not see any other patient cases. You and your colleagues may customize your site by turning on or off certain features within Centergistix.

What if I want to share a case with someone not using Centergistix?

Anyone shared on a case using Centergistix may be able to observe the case. In order to add or share a case with others, you must be an active Centergistix user. This is for security and patient confidentiality purposes.

Is there an additional support and maintenance fee?

No. There are no additional costs or hidden fees.

Is there a long-term contract or penalties if I elect to discontinue using Centergistix?

No. You can remove yourself from Centergistix at any time. There are no penalties or early termination fees, other than the payment for the current month that you stopped, or the prorated amount of your annual contract.

What if I have more than one user in my organization? Do all users have to pay?

Yes. All users must pay a fee. When you create an account, you can add or remove users associated with each other under the designated organization, allowing you to set rules for accessing each other’s cases, to cover for each other, or to provide a management overview.

How do I report issues or get answers to additional questions?

You may report issues or ask questions by emailing

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